Explore the social world through distinct but related branches of knowledge in the social sciences. Focus on understanding society and culture through a comparative and historical perspective. Consider the impacts of global, regional and national developments on local communities.

Sociology and Anthropology are closely related disciplines that focus on our social and cultural worlds. Both emphasize understanding systems of inequality and power, and the interrelationship between global and local processes.

Sociology and anthropology provide an excellent basis for careers that emphasize social and cultural understanding: education, international business, law and the justice system, museums and historical preservation, politics and government, public administration and non-profit organizations, public health and health care, social work, and urban planning.

You'll also be ready for graduate work in disciplines including anthropology, law, policy studies, sociology, and women's studies.

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Online & Continuing Education at UMass Dartmouth offers an online degree completion program in sociology and anthropology.


Lisa Maya Knauer

Associate Professor / Chairperson
Sociology / Anthropology
Liberal Arts 392G