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Enrollment in the 4+1 Teacher Preparation program allows undergraduate students to begin the education coursework towards a master’s degree in teaching (MAT) as early as the sophomore year.

This program is for students who have completed 30 credits and have a GPA of 3.0 overall and a 3.0 in their content area (major).

BA-BS MAT Program sheet

4+1 BA/BS-MAT: a fast track to teaching

Students may enroll in up to 15 credits of graduate-level education courses in place of 5 free electives in their undergraduate program. Students enrolled in the 4+1 pathway will complete a series of field experiences within local schools in preparation for employment. These 5 courses are transferred directly to a master’s degree upon graduation.

Half of the master's degree is completed as an undergraduate, significantly reducing the time and costs associated with earning a graduate degree. 

Students pursuing teacher preparation at UMassD will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in the major, a master’s degree in teaching (MAT), and a Sheltered English Immersion endorsement.

Provisional licensure

Candidates can apply for Provisional Licensure and begin teaching upon completion of their bachelor’s degree. Students may devote their full-time efforts to completing the MAT program during the graduate year or they may enter full-time employment as a teacher in a school right out of college, and complete the remainder of the MAT coursework part time.

Provisional licenses are valid for 5 years of employment. While employed as a teacher, candidates will advance from Provisional to Initial Licensure through an in-district practicum, known as the Performance Review Program for Initial Licensure (PRPIL).

Eligible majors

Students from the following majors are invited to apply to the 4+1 program in Teaching:

4+1 BA-BS/MAT Courses

Middle/Secondary - up to 15 credits

  • EDU 510 Knowing and Learning
  • EDU 511 Integrated Classroom Practices for Preservice Teachers I
  • EDU 512 Integrated Classroom Practices for Preservice Teachers II
  • EDU 525 Critical Literacies
  • EDU 547 Introduction to Special Education
  • EDU 552 Sheltered English Immersion

Apply to the 4+1 BA/BS-MAT


To: Traci Almeida, Coordinator of Graduate Admissions & Licensure, School of Education, Liberal Arts Building, Office 373.

Important information

  • Students must be admitted to the 4+1 BA/BS-MAT program to register for EDU courses.
  • Students should submit an application to the MAT program during their final undergraduate semester.
  • Students will need to pass both the Communication and Literacy Skills (Test 01) and Content MTEL’s exams before or during their final semester of undergraduate study for Provisional Licensure.