Psychology is the scientific exploration of human behavior. Our curriculum offers a broad introduction to this dynamic and diverse field, with an emphasis on the understanding and design of research. You'll also investigate psychology's subfields through courses that consider:

  • our biological heritage: physiological psychology, perception
  • basic human functioning: cognition, learning, personality, social
  • applied fields: counseling, behavior modification, organizational psychology, community psychology

You'll work with faculty who:

  • study the theoretical, such as hemispheric specialization within the brain, and semantic processing of memory
  • conduct applied research, such as the control of obesity, chronic pain, and stress
  • are leaders in the mental health community and bring their expertise to the classroom

The study of human behavior can prepare you for many different careers, from business to education and the social sciences. Psychology graduates work in fields such as human resources, software and product development, and communications. Further education will open paths toward research and clinical practice.

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