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Creative and Professional Writing

Concentration in creative & professional writing 

The English & Communication department offers a bachelor of arts degree in English with a concentration in creative & professional writing.

Creative & professional writing candidates demonstrate their ability to analyze context and rhetorical problems with awareness of cultural diversity to create and compose effective, well-formulated written communication for specific audiences across multiple modalities.

Areas of study in this concentration include: fiction; non-fiction; poetry; journalism; digital media production; script, drama, and screenwriting; professional writing; and technical writing.

Creative & professional writing learning outcomes:

  • Write and compose original texts
  • Apply key concepts in writing analytically, creatively, and professionally across multiple genres and modes based on audience needs and information design principles
  • Identify and summarize foundational concepts in creative writing, literary studies, and rhetorical studies
  • Understand and apply concepts and ideas related to issues of diversity such as race, class, sexuality, gender, ethnicity and others to texts across multiple genres and modes
  • Analyze the compositional and rhetorical strategies used in texts across multiple genres and modes
  • Synthesize primary and secondary sources using appropriate research and writing methods across genres and modes
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of compositional and rhetorical strategies used in texts
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