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Religious Studies

Minor in Religious Studies

Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary minor devoted to the academic study, meaning critical study, of religious thought and spiritual expressions of our ancient and modern world. It also explores different religious traditions, providing a study of the continuities and changes within religious traditions, and the operation of religions in particular social contexts.

The goal of the Religious Studies Program is to cultivate understanding of and respect for religious diversity (and secular perspectives) cross-culturally and historically. Our faculty helps students become more reflective and better informed so that they can constructively engage in broader dialog and debate on the role of religion in our global communities.

Religious Studies supports research that involves interaction between peoples and groups from different social, class, gendered, economic, and cultural backgrounds, as religion seems to be a universal human enterprise. A Religious Studies minor enhances and supplements any major found within this university, even majors you may not have thought of, such as international business, political science, psychology, game development, and nursing.

Given the world we live in at the present, it has never been more important to understand the nature and history of the world’s religion, philosophies, and belief systems. Learn about the religions of the world, past and present, and be better informed.

The Religious Studies Minor is open to all students regardless of college or chosen major.

Course work

For the minor, you'll complete a total of 18 credits, consisting of 2 core courses and 4 electives you'll choose based on your individual interests and academic goals.

Sample Courses

  • World Music
  • Mythology
  • Religious Studies
  • Islamic Art
  • World of the Hebrew Bible
  • Realm of Islam
  • History of Christianity
  • Early/Later Middle Ages
  • Reformation
  • Joseph Campbell/Star Wars
  • Holocaust
  • Islamic Politics
  • History of Terrorism in the Middle East
  • Buddhism
  • Witchcraft/Magic
  • World Religions
  • The Bible and its Influence
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Religious Ecology
  • New Testament

Course descriptions, schedules and requirements

Student success

Career opportunities

Completion of this minor shows future employers that you possess the competencies associated with global/intercultural fluency, tolerance, and critical thinking. An education in religious studies prepares students to act as effective global citizens. Sample career fields include, but are not limited to: museums and historical preservation, international business, high school and university level educators, creating religious systems for TV shows/novels, institutional researchers, psychiatry, military chaplaincy, counseling, ministerial work, international politics, developing gaming narrative, and environmental/humanitarian activism.

Religious Studies faculty

Brian Williams
Brian Williams
Crystal Lubinsky
Crystal Lubinsky, PhD
Dilshod Achilov
Dilshod Achilov, PhD
Ilana Offenberger
Ilana Offenberger
Jennifer Mulnix Profile Picture
Jennifer Mulnix, PhD
Maureen Eckert
Maureen Eckert, PhD
Matthew Sneider
Matthew Sneider
Shari Evans
Shari Evans, PhD
Timothy Nulty, PhD

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Course descriptions, schedules and requirements

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