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Sociology is the study of social behavior and the socio-cultural settings in which it occurs. Sociology and Anthropology majors may choose to concentrate in either Sociology or Anthropology, and non-majors may minor in either discipline.

By studying Sociology, you will:

  • examine the constructed nature of class, culture, ethnicity, gender, race, and sexual orientation
  • learn how to conduct field research in local communities
  • apply knowledge from research and theory to issues in the community
  • develop critical insights into possibilities for social change

Sociology and Anthropology majors will complete 36 credits in courses related to their major, including a three-credit internship, and 120 credits overall.

Sociology minors will complete 18 credits, consisting of three core courses and three electives.

Sociology faculty

Lisa Maya Knauer
Lisa Maya Knauer, PhD
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