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Healthcare Administration

‌The bachelor's degree in healthcare administration prepares students for careers in planning, directing, and coordinating medical and wellness services. This degree is a great option for healthcare professionals with an associate's degree who want to advance their careers as managers or supervisors. The program is also well-suited to students who are looking to work in the healthcare industry with a focus on operations, administration, and management rather than the science-focused aspects of this profession.

Healthcare administration professionals make decisions every day that help improve the lives of their patients. They are often responsible for managing health records, communicating new policies, coordinating with doctors and nurses, and ensuring compliance with healthcare laws and regulations. They work closely with medical staff to positively impact patient care.

The business of healthcare

The field of healthcare administration is growing fast, and so is the demand for qualified candidates to fill the growing number of jobs. Employers seek candidates with very specific credentials in the field.

We'll help you gain the practical skills necessary for intelligent decision-making and administration in healthcare. You will learn to:

  • create evaluative techniques
  • design and implement budgets
  • effectively deploy quantitative skills
  • evaluate management goals
  • use theoretical concepts of social dynamics
  • research healthcare and economic issues
  • manage healthcare staff 

Our curriculum provides a sound foundation in the leadership, financial, and analytical skills necessary for intelligent decision-making and management in healthcare organizations.

You'll gain the practical skills necessary to manage staff, oversee budgets, and prioritize in the context of the healthcare industry.

To earn your degree, you will complete 39 credits in courses related to your major including health economics, human resource management, and a capstone in healthcare services administration. Complementary requirements across humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and free electives or a second major or minor comprise the remainder of your 120 credits.

Course descriptions, schedules and requirements

Accelerate your graduate degree by enrolling in the 4+1 joint degree program with the Charlton College of Business's Master of Science in Healthcare Management (MSHM). The MSHM program will provide the knowledge and tools to help improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery and become an agent for positive change. With "double-count" classes that count towards the completion of your undergraduate and graduate degree, you can earn a graduate degree in just five years.

Student success

Pushkar Bhatia '24: A global citizen

Healthcare administration student's takeaways from studying abroad in Germany.

Career opportunities

You will be prepared to pursue a wide array of employment options as a:

  • practice manager
  • community clinic medical director
  • hospital director/administrator
  • nursing home administrator
  • insurance analyst
  • insurance underwriter
  • regulatory agency analyst
  • lobbyist

Healthcare Administration faculty

Biyan Tang
Biyan Tang
Devon Lynch
Devon Lynch
Merve Meral
Merve Meral, PhD
Neal Olitsky
Neal Olitsky, PhD
Randy Hall
Randy Hall
Sarah Cosgrove
Sarah Cosgrove, PhD

Study online

We offer an online degree completion option for adult learners with some college credits. Learn more about our degree completion program

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