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Economics is the science of decision making. It provides a framework for understanding how human interactions and exchanges work. It also provides a strong foundation for understanding trends and patterns in data.

We'll help you develop analytical skills, enabling you to successfully enter multiple industries as a professional economist. Skills in cost-benefit analysis, the core of economists' training, are widely applicable and highly valued in current job markets. Learn about our 

Employment Potential

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of economists is expected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024. Graduates of our economics program are prepared for and have been employed in:

  • Finance
  • Insurance 
  • Real Estate 
  • Management positions in business
  • Economic journalism
  • High school teaching
  • Public policy and government employment on federal, state, and local levels

The connection between research and teaching

Our department consistently strives to stay on the cutting edge of the latest economic research. We participate in ongoing research and we bring our research and expertise into the classroom. 

Some of the areas we research are:

  • Economics of Education
  • Health Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Monetary Theory
  • Research-Based Instructional Strategies

More Information

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