Sarah Cosgrove, PhD

Professor / Chairperson




Liberal Arts 381


2003University of Wisconsin - MilwaukeePhD
2000University of Wisconsin - MilwaukeeMA
1996St. Norbert CollegeBBA


  • Industrial Organization
  • Urban Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Microeconomic Theory




Online and Continuing Education Courses

Survey of the American economy focusing on markets, the price system, and resource allocation. Price determination in competitive and imperfectly-competitive markets. Applications in agricultural economics, legal prices, excise taxes, labor market issues, advertising, technological change, pollution and the environment, public goods, antitrust policy, international trade, and alternative economic systems.

Intermediate writing in economics with variable content. The economic issues covered vary by instructor and semester, but the course focuses on the tools and practice of professional writing in economics. Students engage in low and high stakes writing assignments with a focus on research writing, integration, and synthesis of knowledge from diverse sources, policy analysis and proper citation and formatting.


Research interests

  • Economics Education
  • Research-Based Instructional Strategies
  • Transportation
  • Regulation

Select publications

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    “The Better Blend? Flipping the Principles of Microeconomics Classroom”
    International Review of Economics Education , 21, 1-11.
  • Cosgrove, Sarah B. and Neal H. Olitsky (2015).
    “Knowledge Retention and Online Course Work: Evidence from Principles of Economics.”
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