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Political Science Pre-Law

Our BA in political science with a concentration in pre-law prepares you for law school by providing a solid foundation for future study in fields including commercial, criminal, environmental, family, labor, and tax law.

Your courses will focus on the U.S. legal system, law and courts in relationship to other aspects of the U.S. political system, international law and courts, and the international political system. A background in law prepares you not only for a practice of law, but also for rewarding careers in advocacy, business, and education.

Studying law will develop your analytical, logical, and creative thinking skills. You'll be prepared to think critically and act effectively as an engaged citizen.

We want to ensure that you acquire proficiency in writing, communication, advocacy, and comparative analysis: all vital skills in today's workplace, which is why we require students to complete an internship.

Students interested in law school or legal careers may also explore the philosophy major with a pre-law concentration, or a minor in legal studies.

In your concentration, you’ll study topics such as constitutional law, civil liberties and rights, the legislative process, and state politics.

Our professors are accomplished scholars in their fields, committed to teaching and research. You'll work with them to:

  • Understand of the concepts, theories, and empirical findings in politics, government, and administration
  • Discover the impact of factors such as employment, environment, and gender on politics
  • Consider the theories and practices of governments on both the domestic and international levels

For the major, you'll complete 39 credit hours, and 120 credit hours overall. An internship is required for political science majors. For your concentration, you'll complete a law-related internship.

Enrollment in the 3+3 joint degree program with UMass Law offers an accelerated pathway to an undergraduate and law degree, enabling qualifying students to substitute the first year of law school for the final year of their undergraduate program, thereby earning both a bachelor’s degree from UMass Dartmouth and a Juris Doctor from UMass Law in six rather than seven years.

Student success

Efe Oboh-Idahosa '23: Interning for the U.S. Senate

Political science major completes highly coveted internship in M.A. Senator Elizabeth Warren's office.

UMassD advantages

  • Internships: All political science majors complete an off-campus internship.
  • Study abroad: Experiences through the International Programs Office may waive the internship requirement.
  • Pre-law advising: Receive advising on which courses to take to prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and law school.
  • 3+3 Law degree: UMass Law’s accelerated program allows you to receive both an undergraduate degree and a law degree in 6 rather than 7 years. In your fourth year, you would matriculate at UMass Law as a first-year law student.
  • Experience: Participate in student government, community service, and Pi Sigma Alpha. Learn more about the study and practice of law by attending events at UMass Law.

Political Science Pre-Law faculty

Kenneth Manning
Kenneth Manning, PhD

Study online

Online & Continuing Education at UMass Dartmouth offers a political science degree with a pre-law concentration online

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