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Data Analytics

In our data-driven society, employers across many sectors are seeking individuals with data analysis skills and experience. Enhance your employment prospects with a data analytics minor. You will learn to:

  • develop your skills in data analysis
  • use data analysis to explore issues within your major area of study

The minor provides an entry into data analytics for students who are interested in the application of quantitative methods within their disciplines, and is particularly useful for the following majors:

  • the sciences, such as biology and chemistry 
  • the social sciences, such as crime and justice, economics, political science, and psychology

The data analytics minor provides a route to relevant and useful data analytics education, training, and experience. For the minor, you’ll complete 6 courses for a total of 24 credit hours.

Required courses include:

  • Introduction to data science
  • Statistics for data analysis
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Analysis of social data

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Course descriptions, schedules and requirements

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Course descriptions, schedules and requirements

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