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Minor in Data Analytics

Enhance your employment prospects through acquisition of sought-after data analytic skills, and enhance your ability to engage more deeply with societal issues through appropriate analysis of relevant data, especially through issues arising in your major.  This program is to provide an entry into data analytics for you who desire to engage in more quantitative ways with your major, particularly in social sciences such as crime and justice, economics and political science, and in sciences such as biology and psychology.  The Data Analytics minor is focused on providing you with a viable and attractive route to appropriate and useful data analytics education and training, consistent with your major study in a data-driven and data-aware society.

For the minor, you’ll complete the total number of 6 courses with a total number of 24 credit hours, detailed below. A minor must be completed at the time of the degree and will be so noted on the student’s transcript.  A student cannot be readmitted to the University to complete only a minor.

Required (Core) Courses (Total courses required = 4)

Course Number

Course Title

Credit Hours

DSC 101

Introduction to Data Science


DAN 147

Statistics for Data Analysis (Cross-listed with MTH 147)

See (*) for list of possible replacement courses.


DAN 231

Exploratory Data Analysis (Cross-listed with MTH 231)


DAN 301

Analysis of Social Data



Subtotal # Core Credits Required


Additional Course Choices (Total courses required = 2) (attach list as needed)


300+ level course from approved list: see (**) in notes below



300+ level course from approved list: see (**) in notes below



Subtotal # Minor Credits Required


Other/Elective Course Choices (Total courses required =0) (attach list as needed)


Subtotal # Elective Credits Required


Curriculum Summary


Total number of courses required for the Minor



Total credit hours required for Minor                             



Prerequisite or Other Additional Requirements:

(*) The following courses may be taken in place of DAN 147 Statistics for Data Analysis, and may be counted for both the Data Analytics minor and as fulfilling a major requirement:

  • PSY 205 Statistics for Psychology
  • POM 212 Business Statistics
  • MTH 332 Mathematical Statistics
  • ECO 332 Economic Statistics
  • BNG 311 Statistics for Bioengineering
  • BIO 430 Biological Statistics

 (**) Students choose two (2) 300+ level courses from their major, or other course offerings, from an approved list.

Courses on the approved list have been selected by faculty for quantitative elements consistent with the Data Analytics minor, and in which students will exercise Data Analytics skills.

The Director of the Data analytics minor will make a regularly updated list of approved upper-level courses available on the Data Analytics minor website.

More information about this minor:

Click here for more information on this minor.

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