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Minor in Mathematics

The minor in mathematics comprises a central core of required courses followed by opportunities for advanced work and some specialization. Any student of the university is eligible for the designation “Minor in Mathematics” upon completion of the following requirements. All courses above the 100 level must be passed with C- or higher and an overall average of C must be maintained in the seven courses.


Math Core - Twelve (12) credits required.

  • MTH 151 (Calculus I) or MTH 153 (Calculus for Applied Science & Eng. I)
  • MTH 152 (Calculus II) or MTH 154 (Calculus for Applied Science & Eng II)
  • MTH 211 (Analytic Geometry & Calculus III) or MTH 213 (Calculus for Applied Science & Eng. III)

Math - Three (3) credits required from one of the following courses:

  • MTH 212 - Differential Equations I 3 credits
  • MTH 221 - Linear Algebra 3 credits

Math Electives

  • Nine (9) credits required (3 courses at 3 credits each) 300 level or higher.

Total credits: 24

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