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Urban Studies

Urban Studies

With over half of the world’s population living in cities, one of today’s challenges is the need to make urban life vibrant, culturally diverse, and economically sustainable.

A minor in urban studies will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to solve problems surrounding urban policy and practice. Through active engagement in research, social change, and policy initiatives, you’ll connect classroom learning with community engagement.

Working with faculty in the humanities, arts, and sciences, you will:

  • Study the development of urban environments, institutions, and cultures over time
  • Analyze key problems facing contemporary cities and critically assess possible solutions
  • Explore the role of cities in historic, cultural, and social contexts on regional, national, and global scales

The Urban Studies minor offers a solid foundation for careers and graduate study in a variety of fields including advocacy, civil service, development, education, environmental policy, law, non-profits, and urban planning.

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The interdisciplinary minor will complement your other studies. Your knowledge of diverse cultural, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds will be valuable across fields, expanding your career opportunities. Choose from classes covering a wide range of topics including the history of cities, urban politics and economics, and literary representations of cities.

  • Honors College: take advanced courses, pursue research, and be part of a community of scholars
  • Study Abroad: earn academic credits and gain a global perspective on your field
  • Undergraduate Research: faculty work with students on cutting-edge research projects
  • University Studies: gain the benefit of a broad university education to enhance your knowledge and skills


Erin Krafft

Assistant Professor
Crime & Justice Studies
Liberal Arts 399B


Heather Turcotte

Associate Professor
Crime & Justice Studies
Liberal Arts 399I