Heather Turcotte


Heather Turcotte, PhD she/her

Associate Professor / Chairperson

Crime & Justice Studies

Curriculum Vitae




Liberal Arts 399H


2008University of California, Santa CruzPhD in Politics (Feminist Studies)
1997The George Washington UniversityBA in International Relations - Africana Studies


  • CJS 190 Introduction to Crime and Justice Studies
  • CJS 315 Research Methods
  • CJS 345 Environments of Justice
  • CJS 380 Abolitionism
  • CJS 400 Capstone, Revolutionary Education and Schools of Justice




Online and Continuing Education Courses

Examines Crime and Justice Studies as a multidisciplinary field of study that bridges criminology, criminal justice, and justice studies. Students engage with a variety of histories, policies, procedures, and politics that inform how crime and justice are constructed within U.S. transnational and intersectional contexts. Areas of analysis include state-making, citizenship, social control, criminality, surveillance and security, war, rights and law, revolution, prison writing, nonviolence, collective justice, and abolitionism.


Research activities

  • Nonviolent and Abolitionary Education with Dr. Erin K. Krafft and Plenitud PR
  • Petro-Sexual Politics


Research interests

  • Abolitionism and Transnational Justice
  • Africana and Critical Ethnic Studies
  • Community Herbalism and Environments of Justice
  • Feminist Studies and Critical Geopolitics
  • Transdisciplinary Research Methods

Select publications

See curriculum vitae for more publications

  • Krafft, Erin K. and Heather M. Turcotte (2021).
    Conversations on Education, Time, and the Plenetary
    Globalizations, 18, 1-9.
  • Lovelace, Vanessa L. and Heather M. Turcotte (2020).
    Immobilizing Bodies of Surveillance: Anti-Oppressive Feminisms and the Decolonization of Violence
    Gendering Globalization, Globalizing Gender: Post-Colonial Perspectives, 196-209.
  • Turcotte, Heather M. (2016).
    Economies of Conflict: Reflecting on the (Re)Production of 'War Economies'
    Gender and Development: Critical Engagements in Feminist Theory and Practice, 476-494.
  • Turcotte, Heather M. (2014).
    Feminist Asylums and Acts of Dreaming
    Feminist Theory, 15, 141-160.

Dr. Heather M. Turcotte is committed to anti-oppressive transnational feminist approaches to decolonizing academia, the interstate system, and daily exchange.  She is Chair and an associate professor of Crime and Justice Studies at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a Co-Editor of the Journal of Feminist Scholarship.  Her work is located in the historical intersections of Africana and American studies, critical legal and justice studies, transnational feminist studies, and critical geopolitics. Dr. Turcotte’s publications focus on the transnational criminalization of gender, the politics of violence, and collective frameworks for justice and abolition, and can be found on academia.edu and ResearchGate.