Stephanie O'Hara

Associate Professor

Foreign Literature & Languages




Liberal Arts 352





A study of selected readings dealing with a special topic chosen by the instructor. Recent special topics include New England Literature, Children's Literature, the Artist in Literature, Black Music, and Black Literature. May be repeated with change of content. Cross-listed as BLS 200; LST 200.

Important works of French literature in translation readings, lectures and discussions in English. No knowledge of the French language is required. Topics will vary; check with instructor listed in COIN for current topic. Past topics have included: Bestsellers vs. Classics in French Literature, Princesses, Harlots, Saints: Women in French Literature, Not All Black and White: Cross-Racial Desire in French Restoration Fiction. Upcoming topics likely to include: Music with Words: French Poetry from the Middle Ages to the Present, World War II in French Film and Literature.


Online and Continuing Education Courses

The WGS capstone course is designed to cohere a major student's core curriculum work. While the subject matter may change depending on the interdisciplinary connections, the course will be grounded in feminist scholarship and require a research project that draws upon feminist theories and feminist research methods, along with a public presentation at the end of the semester to the class and Women Studies faculty. This course will be an opportunity for students to integrate their major course knowledge and demonstrate their ability to apply feminist theory and research methods.
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