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Women’s and Gender Studies Online BA

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When students major in Women's and Gender Studies (WGS), they'll place women's and men's experiences at the center of inquiry—as subjects rather than objects. Their studies will be interdisciplinary, with classes in crime and justice studies, history, literature, philosophy, political science, and sociology/anthropology.

The UMass Dartmouth bachelor’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies considers the influence of gender in contemporary society, examining historical factors that have shaped the current status of women and exploring paths to achieving equality for all people.


The UMass Dartmouth Women’s and Gender Studies degree program requires students complete 120 credits to graduate.

With our generous transfer policy, students with existing credits may transfer up to 75 credits from a regionally accredited institution.

Women’s and Gender Studies degree students focus on a core curriculum in feminist theory with concentrations on:

  • Gender Studies
  • Politics, Justice and Policy
  • Cross-Cultural Inquiry
  • Literature, History and the Arts

Within those concentrations, students learn to read analytically, write critically, and communicate effectively through argument, analysis, exposition, and oral presentation.

Sample Course Offerings

Examples of courses offered in the Women’s and Gender Studies program include (course offerings subject to change):

  • Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • Feminist Research Methods
  • Race, Class, Gender, Ethnicity in the Media
  • Sex Roles and Politics
  • Women, Crime, and the Law
  • Multicultural Women's Literature

Graduates have a solid understanding of the role of diversity within the nation and the world, preparing them for a career in a variety of fields and graduate study including:

  • Advocacy
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Education
  • Politics

UMass Dartmouth advanced degrees

  • JD
  • MBA
  • MPP

UMass Dartmouth Advantages

Customize your education and receive the help and guidance to finish as planned:

  • Value and affordability of a UMass education
  • Generous transfer policy
  • One-on-one personal advising from enrollment through graduation
  • Free online and in-person tutoring and writing center

Learning Style: Online

Online courses are taught by UMass Dartmouth faculty to provide high quality instruction and personal attention. Students have the flexibility to accommodate work and home responsibilities within the structure of defined assignment due dates.

  • Honors College: take advanced courses, pursue research, and be part of a community of scholars
  • Study Abroad: earn academic credits and gain a global perspective on your field
  • Undergraduate Research: faculty work with students on cutting-edge research projects
  • University Studies: gain the benefit of a broad university education to enhance your knowledge and skills

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