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Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Course withdrawals

Course withdrawals must be processed through COIN. Telephone requests cannot be accepted as notification of withdrawal.

Refunds for course drops sent by mail or fax are computed according to the date received. Refunds take approximately twenty (20) business days to process. If you do not officially withdraw from your class, you will be graded and billed for the course.

Refund policy for Online & Continuing Education credit courses

Refunds are based upon when you officially withdraw from the class. Check the Academic Calendar for specific dates:

100% tuition & fees

  • Before the start of the semester
  • By the Drop Deadline date

No refunds after the drop deadline date

Non-credit course refunds

  • Before the first class meeting: 100% of the course charges will be refunded.
  • Once class begins: No refunds will be permitted.

Course cancellations

If a course should officially cancel, you will be notified before the course begins.

Please keep your contact information up to date, so that we can reach you. You may update your contact information through your COIN account.

If you do not receive such a notice, you are expected to attend the first day of classes to confirm your class is running.

Students whose class has been cancelled are entitled to a full refund, including all tuition & fees. UMass Dartmouth reserves the right to cancel, combine sections, change meeting patterns, re-assign classroom space and instructors of all courses.

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