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Frequently Asked Questions

Most undergraduate programs require taking 120-122 credits. The length of time it takes will depend upon the number of credits you transferred in (potentially up to 75 transfer credits may be applied to degree requirements) and how many courses you take each term.

Most working adults take two courses per semester, and sometimes supplement by taking additional courses during the winter or summer terms. Since each student’s schedule and circumstances vary, you can choose to take the number of courses that feels most comfortable to you. Our advisors will work with you to determine a plan that best suits your needs and helps you to plan future terms.  Our online and continuing education programs are designed to be part time, so regularly taking full academic loads may not be possible every term in every program.

University Studies consists of a set of required courses (similar to General Education courses at most schools). The required courses are designed to expose you to broad areas of knowledge and to sharpen your analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills.

University Studies: How It Works

Your transfer credits will be applied to some of the University Studies requirements according to our transfer policy, while some of the courses in your major may also apply to these requirements. Your advisor will review any remaining requirements with you.

If you are currently in a "day school program" and want to change to a fully-online program, please talk with one of our advisors so that we can review your specific needs and assist you with a change of format or change of major, if necessary. 

You can schedule an appointment by contacting us at 508-999-9202 or

We know that your life and other priorities may require you to put your education on hold. Our advisors can assist you with taking a Leave of Absence if you need to take a semester or two off.

You can find the Student Leave of Absence form on the Registar's Student Forms page.

Before changing your major, you should consult with your advisor about how a change might impact how your transfer credits are applied, and which requirements you will still need to complete. If you do choose to change your major, we can assist you with the signatures and processing of the form, once you have completed it.

You can find the Change of Major form on the Registrar's Student Forms page.

Officially, we do not offer online minors. However, we offer many of the courses required for popular minors, and our advisors will be happy to work with you to complete them, if we offer yours.

Yes. The purpose of the graduation application is to alert your academic department that you plan to complete your degree and that they should certify your requirements for your College Dean’s office. As an online student, we encourage you to participate in the Commencement ceremony, though you are not required to do so.

Holds are automatically placed on student accounts every term for Emergency Contact Verification, Advising, and Immunization. You are able to resolve your Emergency Contact Verification hold through COIN; your Advising hold by contacting your advisor each semester prior to registration; and an Immunization hold—for hybrid and Nursing students—by providing your updated immunizations to the Health Services Office. Online students are not required to verify immunizations. If you have a question about a hold, please contact your advisor for assistance.

Please contact your advisor prior to dropping or withdrawing from a course. Sometimes there are unintended consequences or there might be other options available to you, and your advisor can provide that information or guidance. 

You are able to drop courses or withdraw from them via COIN, or by contacting the University Enrollment Center (508-999-9129), or by contacting your advisor.

Please review our withdrawal and refund policy page for more information.

The Center for Access and Success can assist you with accommodations and other services.

Online students can upload a photo in order to obtain the UMass Pass (student ID), which is used for library access and services.

UMass Pass image upload (Login to myUMassD required.)

Students may register:

  • via COIN in myUMassD
  • by calling the University Enrollment Center registration line at 508-999-9129 during regular business hours
  • by contacting their advisor
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