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Accounting Online Undergraduate Certificate

The Accounting Online Undergraduate Certificate is for you if you've already earned a bachelor's degree in a field other than accounting

The undergraduate certificate in accounting is a part-time 30-credit certificate program for students who have already earned bachelor's degrees in fields other than accounting. The undergraduate certificate in accounting has two tracks, depending on whether your undergraduate degree is in business or another field. In both the non-business and business accounting certificate tracks, all course prerequisites must be completed to register for courses in the program.

If you have a business degree

  • The accounting certificate program provides an opportunity to acquire the credentials for a career in accounting through advanced courses in the discipline.
  • Once you complete this track plus one additional business law course, you will qualify to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam in Massachusetts.

If you have a non-business degree

  • The accounting certificate program provides an intensive introduction to the accounting discipline.
  • If your professional goals include management responsibilities, you will find the accounting certificate particularly helpful for career development.
  • Engineers as well as professionals in the healthcare and legal fields have chosen the accounting certificate as a way to enhance their managerial expertise.
  • If your goal is to sit for the CPA, you can complete this certificate and then take several additional business courses to meet the CPA requirements. 

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)


For students with a bachelor's degree in business

  • ACT 311 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACT 312 Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACT 351 Cost Accounting
  • ACT 355 Accounting Information Systems
  • ACT 401 Auditing
  • ACT 411 Taxation
  • ACT 412 Advanced Taxation
  • ACT 421 Advanced Financial Accounting
  • ACT 431 Advanced Managerial Accounting
  • ACT 454 Financial Statement Analysis

For students with a non-business bachelor's degree

  • ACT 211 Principles of Accounting I
  • ACT 212 Principles of Accounting II
  • ACT 311 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACT 312 Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACT 351 Cost Auditing
  • ACT 401 Auditing
  • ACT 411 Taxation
  • ACT 454 Financial Statement Analysis
  • POM 212 Statistics
  • FIN 312 Financial Management

Other courses as necessary

  • ECO 231 Principles of Economics - Micro
  • POM 212 Statistics

Admissions requirements

Review the admission process for the undergraduate certificate in accounting program

Additional materials required:

  • College transcripts (Bachelor's degree required)
  • Statement of purpose (1 -2 page essay)
  • Resume 
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