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Art History

Art History

Art history is the study of visual artifacts that express the values of cultures and societies. As an art history major at UMass Dartmouth, you'll learn to recognize, analyze, and interpret works of art from around the globe and across the centuries.

As you explore art, architecture, and the culture of history, you will develop your analytical, communication, critical thinking, research, and visual skills—skills that are applicable in a wide range of career paths.

Your studies in art history will prepare you for professional options in areas such as appraisal, arts administration, conservation, corporate arts management, education, preservation, publishing, research, and writing—and for positions in archives, galleries, libraries, and museums. You will also be ready for graduate study in art history and related fields.

Our faculty are world-class professionals with scholarly interests ranging from the material culture of the ancient world to modern and contemporary art. They will teach you how to:

  • apply formal analysis to visual artifacts
  • appreciate cultural viewpoints
  • articulate the relationship between works of art and the cultural contexts in which they originated

You'll be able to choose from a wide variety of courses that encompass topics and expertise related to African, American, Asian, and European art spanning the prehistoric, medieval, Renaissance, and contemporary eras.

For the BA in Art History, you'll complete 42 credits in courses related to your major, and 120 credits overall. Art History majors are required to complete either an internship or a semester abroad.

Consider a minor in art history to enhance your understanding of contemporary and historical cultures. The study of art history can complement many majors, especially those in the humanities, art, and design.

For the minor, you'll complete 18 credits.

Film & media studies minor

Minor in film and media studies to explore the historical contexts, theoretical perspectives, and social and political questions surrounding film, photography, animation, and new media. Topics include design, foreign cinema, and popular culture.

For the minor, you'll complete 18 credits.

Art History Student Work

Student Success

Senior art history major Kayla Rausch '23 pictured in the Claire T. Carney Library
Kayla Rausch '23

Kayla's prestigious New Bedford Art Museum/Artworks! Student Fellowship has prepared her for a career in art curation.

Internship placements

  • New Bedford Art Museum
  • New Bedford Whaling Museum
  • New Bedford Historical Society
  • Waterfront Historic Area League
  • JFK Museum, Hyannis
  • Providence Art Club

College of Visual & Performing Arts undergraduate mean starting salary:

NACE Data Collection of Class of 2022 Undergraduate Alumni

UMassD advantages

  • Community: join the Art History Club to network with students, faculty, artists, and art historians
  • Internships: gain first-hand experience working in galleries, museums, and other settings
  • Lectures: speaker events, round-table discussions, and scholarly presentations
  • Museums: engage with works of art in collections from the New Bedford Whaling Museum to leading museums in Boston, Providence, and New York
  • Senior Seminar: upper-level students work with faculty to execute a museum-quality exhibition and publication
  • Study Abroad: enhance your studies as you visit historical sites, monuments, and museums
  • Undergraduate Symposium: an international undergraduate symposium, held annually

Art History Faculty

Portrait of Anna Dempsey
Anna Dempsey, PhD
Gabo Camnitzer, Director of Studio Foundations Program
Gabo Camnitzer
Walker Downey
Walker Downey, PhD
Pamela Karimi
Pamela Karimi