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CVPA Gaming class; Photo credit: Keri Dennison-Leidecker

Student Success

The College of Visual & Performing Arts is committed to your success as a student: connecting you to university services and CVPA-specific information.

University Resources

Student Success

We're committed to your success and ready to help you navigate the path to graduation.

Career Center

Successful students explore their career options early. The Center offers services to help you plan your future: career counseling, internship information, events, and on-campus recruiting.

CVPA Resources

Computer Requirements

Check the requirements for computer purchases for your program of study.

Foundations Studio Arts Program

Designed to promote creativity, develop understanding of visual language, instill critical inquiry, and motivate independent learning. Students have the opportunity to explore the many options available in CVPA. Required of all majors except Art History and Music.

Graduate Student Information

Information for CVPA graduate students.

Health & Safety Manual

CVPA's standards and guidelines for safe and healthy activity in all of our studios.

Program Outcomes

Reflect the knowledge, skills, and competencies that a student will be able to demonstrate upon successful completion of a program’s degree requirements.


Information about and applications for scholarships for CVPA students.

CVPA Internships

Apply what you learn in the classroom to workplace experiences.

Helpful Information


Suggestions for where to find supplies for your classes and projects, both in the area and online.

The Loop UMassD Shuttle

The Loop is a shuttle traveling from the main campus to downtown New Bedford, and back: free for UMassD students with their UMass Pass.

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