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Foundations Art Supply Kits

The Foundations faculty has worked with the Providence outlet of Jerry's Artarama, to test and develop supply kits specific to our FOU 110 Structural Drawing, FOU 120 2D Form and Surface, and FOU 130 3D Form and Space. Though you are not required to, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of these kit offerings.

If you do:

  • You’ll get supply packages we designed specifically for your class assignments.
  • You’ll get those supplies at package prices significantly lower than you could get on your own.
  • Supply packages will be delivered directly to you on campus.

If you choose not to order a kit through Jerry’s, please make sure to assemble the list of materials for the classes you are taking this semester. Ahead of each semester students can find out what materials are in the material kits from the Jason Loete or the instructor of the specific class.

How to Order Kits

Determine which kit(s) you’ll need:

  • FOU 110 Structural Drawing
  • FOU 120 2D Form and Surface
  • FOU 130 3D Form and Space

Call Jerry’s at 401-331-4530.

Identify yourself, school, and which kit(s) you wish to purchase.

Jerry’s will process a credit card sale over the phone and your materials will be delivered to you on campus.

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