Computer Requirements

All CVPA majors are required to have a laptop, which lets you to interact with the software used in CVPA, submit assignments, and share work with instructors and fellow students.

Laptop specifications

  • MacBook Pro laptop computer recommended; MacBook Air is acceptable
  • 15" screen recommended; 13" screen is acceptable
  • Ethernet cords required
  • 8 gigabytes of RAM recommended
  • Minimum 1TB of hard disc space
  • VCA adapter

Required Software

Music majors

Additional music software recommendations include:

  • Sibelius: music notation
  • Reason: audio production recording/editing
  • Ableton Live: composition/audio production
  • Reaper: audio production
  • Max/MSP: audio production

Minors in animation, game arts, graphic design & illustration

The Art + Design Department is primarily Mac-based, and faculty teach and demonstrate using Macs; thus, we have a Mac laptop requirement for all majors.

Students minoring in animation, game arts, graphic design, and illustration who have PC laptops are allowed to use PCs as long as they are independent enough to follow demos being shown on a Mac interface. Students using PCs may need to supplement their learning via online resources and/or books as needed. Demos will not be provided for both interfaces.