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Computer Requirements

Recommended Computer Specifications

Having a personal laptop helps you to complete assignments, develop technical skills, and collaborate with other students and faculty.

While there are a number of high-end specialized computer labs available to students at CVPA, it is necessary that you have a personal computer with the critical hardware and software required by your program.

Art + Design


  • Apple Laptop
  • 15 inch Screen is recommended (13 inch screen is accepted)
  • Recommend at least 8 Gigabytes of RAM
  • Minimum 1 TB of Hard Disc Space
  • VGA Adapter
  • Ethernet Cord
  • External Hard Drive and/or Thumb Drive


  • Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is required
  • Microsoft Professional Office Suite required

These enable you to interact with the software used in CVPA, submit assignments, and share work with instructors and fellow students.

Interior Architecture + Design
Fashion Design


  • Windows Based Laptop
  • 1920 x 1080 Display size/resolution is recommended
  • i5 Range Processor Speed is recommended (For example: Intel Core i7-2820QM Processor 2.3Ghz, 8MB cache)
  • Video Card is required (For example: Nvidia GeForce series)
  • 16GB RAM is recommended, minimum 8GB
  • 320GB Hard Drive minimum (The more space as your budget allows, the better)
  • External Hard Drive and/or Thumb Drive to back up work is recommended


  • Microsoft Professional Office Suite is required
  • CAD Software (free with your email address)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is required

Music majors


  • Finale: music notation

Additional music software recommendations include:

  • Sibelius: music notation
  • Reason: audio production recording/editing
  • Ableton Live: composition/audio production
  • Reaper: audio production
  • Max/MSP: audio production

Minors in animation, game arts, graphic design & illustration

The Art + Design Department is primarily Mac-based, and faculty teach and demonstrate using Macs; thus, we have a Mac laptop requirement for all majors.

Students minoring in animation, game arts, graphic design, and illustration who have PC laptops are allowed to use PCs as long as they are independent enough to follow demos being shown on a Mac interface. Students using PCs may need to supplement their learning via online resources and/or books as needed. Demos will not be provided for both interfaces.


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