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Most students find their internship to be an extremely positive learning experience.

By participating in the CVPA internship program you will:

• apply what you learn in the classroom to workplace experiences
• explore career options
• build your resume with career-appropriate experience
• gain experience navigating real-world situations
• develop a network of professional contacts to use as references

Internship Course

CVPA students interested in taking an internship for university credit should register for AXD 400-01 Advanced Topics in Art + Design, our Internship course.

In addition to a determined number of work-hours, the internship course has additional requirements. Be sure to consult with the instructor teaching the course for a detailed description of the course and all its requirements.

Internship Placement

Students registered for the Internship course should find an internship placement prior to the beginning of the semester. The internship experience should be conducive to the student’s academic interests and long-term career plans.

Students are encouraged to search for appropriate internship sites on their own. However, the instructor teaching the course will be happy to assist you in your search should you need/want it. All placements have to be approved by the instructor teaching the course before students begin earning academic credit. With advance approval, internships may be undertaken during the summer or winter break.