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CVPA Fall Semester Info

The University is working to support students, staff, and faculty affected by the relocation of Star Store facilities.
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CVPA building - UMass Dartmouth Main Campus

Main Campus

Noted architect Paul Rudolph created a dramatic design for UMass Dartmouth's 710 acre main campus. Many of our studios, classrooms, and administrative offices are located at the CVPA main campus building—with an emphasis on studios, media labs, and performance space for music students. The campus is just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, about 30 minutes from Cape Cod or Providence, Rhode Island, and 60 minutes from Boston.


CVPA Galleries


CVPA features impressive exhibition spaces that advance the education of our students and celebrate the importance of art in the community and feature exhibitions of local, national, and international renown. At the CVPA Campus Gallery, the emphasis is on works celebrating the creativity of members of the CVPA community.

CVPA Galleries

3D Printing

Innovation Learning Collaborative

The Innovation Learning Collaborative (ILC) offers access to 3D printers, MakerBots, laser engravers, a CNC router for digital fabrication, and is supported by a fully equipped wood shop. The facility is open to all current CVPA students.

Innovation Learning Collaborative

 Allison Cywin assisting a student in the Visual Resource Center

Visual and Media Literacy Hub

Looking for an image or media resource for your next project, lecture, or publication? The Visual and Media Literacy Hub (HUB) maintains the largest image and media repository on campus. HUB offers students and faculty an array of instructional and research services related to the arts, design, and music.

Visual and Media Literacy Hub

student working in ceramics kiln room


Ceramics students have 12,000 square feet of studio space as well as throwing and handbuilding classrooms. Juniors, seniors, and graduate students have individual studio space. Facilities include clay room, glaze room, plaster room, gas and electric kilns, a wood kiln, pottery wheels, and more.

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student talking to professor in media lab

Digital Media Labs

Lab spaces for digital media feature industry-standard software for 2D imaging, 3D modeling, graphic design and web design. We offer labs for imaging, 2D and 3D animation, virtual reality simulation, and interactive interface design with stereoscopic head-mounted display, haptic feedback vest, and force-feedback 3D controllers.

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Drawing facilities

Drawing & Painting

On the main campus, our Painting/2D Media Lab occupies one enormous studio. All types of media are taught and encouraged. In addition, there are 3 spacious studio classrooms dedicated to drawing.

students working in classroom

Graphic Design & Illustration

Facilities include labs equipped with up-to-date workstations, scanners, printers, and software for 3D modeling, animation, web design, image processing, typography—as well as facilities for photo processing and letterpress. Graduate students are also assigned individual workspaces.

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Jewelry/Metals facilities


Students in the Jewelry/Metals program are provided with individual tool kits, benches, and storage. The main work room is stocked with bandsaws, milling machines, and other equipment. The program also provides a casting room, grinding room, annealing room, welding room, acid room, finishing room, lapidary room, ample studio space, and more.

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Students performing on stage


Performance spaces for music students include our 800-seat auditorium and 200-seat recital hall. Facilities include computer-aided workstations, electronic composition studios, recording and sound production technology, electronic clavinova and concert grand (Steinway, Boston) pianos, traditional and non-western percussion instruments, individual practice rooms.

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student standing by wall of photographs


Facilities include enlarger stations, film loading stations, 4x5 cameras for the studio photography, darkroom, lighting studio, and special processes room.

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CVPA students pouring molds.


The Sculpture program provides comprehensive studios for fabrication and art-making in nearly any material and process. Spaces are flexible, to accommodate student interests and aspirations for their sculpture. Primary work spaces include the wood shop, metal fabrication studio, mold making and wet work studios, and a lost wax casting foundry.

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Textiles facilities

Textiles & Fiber Arts

Facilities for textiles and fiber arts include surface design print room, dye lab with mixing station and drying room, dark room, spray room, batik room, papermaking studio, weaving studio, and textile media lab. Graduate students have their own studios and installation spaces. 

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