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Production & Transfer Services

Digital Production Services

The VML Hub supports classroom instruction and student presentation through its free digital production, and transfer services in most traditional analog formats including slides, negatives, VHS tapes, cassettes, etc. 

Image Production

Depending on the scope of the request, the VML Hub may be able to provide same-day delivery.

Multimedia Transfer Production

For classroom instruction and research, the VML Hub transfers old videos and audio media to digital format. We offer digital media and web capturing services as well. Please be aware that multimedia resources may take up to three weeks to transfer. All media are subject to copyright restrictions.

Slide Conversion

VML Hub is pleased to work with faculty to convert their instructional slide collections to digital format. Turnaround time for slide conversions depends on the size of the collection and its condition.


Scans, digital capture, and transfers must be part of instruction and adhere to the Visual Resources Association: Statement On The Fair Use Of Images For Teaching, Research and Study.

Production Workspace

The VML offers a facility that allows students and faculty to create and produce images & multimedia content, visual animation, stop-motion, and virtual reality.

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Production Equipment

  • Scanners - Self-serve large scale flatbed scanners and PDF/Document scanning stations.
  • Image/Video Tethered Copystand - Electronic positioning camera stand with a tethered computer for 2D and 3D digital object capture. 
  • Stop-motion Station with Dragonfly Software – Large-scale light table (24"x36").
  • 3D Rendering – Computer stations include RHINO software and rotating table for 3D capturing, and photo stitching.
  • Cutting Station –  Vinyl and paper cutting machine for complex creations.
  • VR Stations – Computer station that supports VR creation and viewing.
  • Exhibition & Portfolio – Small to oversize mat and paper cutter for presentations and exhibitions.
  • Wacom Cintiq & Tablet - Electronic rendering, illustration, and animation stations.

Copyright Notice

Visual & Media Literacy Hub's digital collections are available to the UMassDartmouth campus community for the sole purpose of instruction, scholarship, and study in accordance with the Visual Resource Association Statement on the Fair Use of Images for Teaching, Research, and Study, and the College Art Association for Best Practice in Fair Use for the Visual Arts. All other uses are strictly prohibited and are subject to U.S. Copyright Laws.


Allison J. Cywin


College of Visual & Performing Arts, RM 257

Main Campus
285 Old Westport Road •  Dartmouth MA 02747

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