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Student Services

Student Support Services & Opportunities

VML Hub provides students with an assortment image and media-based services at the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA), Room 257. These services include image & media-based research, high-quality authentic resources, citation assistance, aid with technology-based projects, and digital equipment and tools to pursue their creative endeavors.

Image & Media
Research, Resources, and Citation Help

As emerging artists and designers, CVPA students are expected to adhere to professional research, verification, and citation standards for visual and media resources.  Towards these goals, the VML Hub staff is here to assist students with these skills.

Student research citation services

How do I research images and media?

VML staff assists students with image and media research and acquisition. We provide daily hands-on assistance at VML Hub. Appointments are not needed.  We also respond to inquiries via email or the phone, 508-999-8701.

How do I find credible and authentic images and media?

How do I cite images & media?


Equipment & Technology

The VML Hub provides access to equipment and technology in support of student exploration and learning in the multidisciplinary arts.

Equipment lending bureau

Facility Equipment 

  • Apple and PC workstations
  • Scanners, Cintiqs, Wacom tablets, and iPads with iPencils
  • Presentation Equipment
Image of a photographic copystand and shrek doll posing.

Photographic and Video Capture Equipment

  • Professional camera and computer tether copystand for 2D and 3D object capture
  • Stopmotion Light Table
  • 3D photo capture for small scale objects
  • Video and audio capture and transfer stations

Meet, Study & Work

The VML Hub provides students a quiet and collaborative space for students to work, create, and make.

A Place to Meet, Collaborate, and Study

  • Quiet space to study or work
  • Informal collaborative space for groups of CVPA students
  • Meeting space for students to work, discuss and create

A Place to Work

  • Large work surfaces
  • Mat Cutter (oversize)
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • IA+Design Printers
  • PDF stations
  • Document Printing (limited to CVPA students)

Assignment & Software Help

VML Hub mission is to aid students with arts-related assignments that require image and media-based technologies.

Struggling or seeking assistance with an assignment

  • Help students bring an idea from concept to completion
  • Help students select appropriate equipment to achieve their goals
  • Assist with the operation of equipment and technology
  • Provide one-on-one training with the LUNA database system
  • Assist with software applications

Software Applications Available (selected)

  • Adobe Suite
  • IA+D Software
  • 3D software
  • VR/AR software
  • Cintiq & tablet applications
  • Microsoft Office


Vincent Martin

Professional Technician III
Art & Design

508-999-8701  xbypduwlqCxpdvvg1hgx

College of Visual & Performing Arts 257

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