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Program Outcomes: Art Education

Program outcomes in Art Education are aligned with the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) standards, with the national and state standards in visual arts education and with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s professional standards for licensure.

The Bachelor of Art Education program is approved by the Office of Educator Licensure, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Upon successful completion of the degree requirements in Art Education, students will:

  • Execute teaching strategies and communication skills
  • Explain philosophy, history, and fundamentals of elementary or secondary art education
  • Apply artistic skill, critical analysis, and judgment
  • Practice expertise in student’s own art production
  • Apply depth and breadth of artistic knowledge
  • Differentiate and present teaching strategies in multiple formats to increase student comprehension
  • Analyze western and non-western traditions in art history, culture, and influences of differing views
  • Assess lessons based on artistic media, historical narratives, contemporary issues, human development, and learning needs 
  • Formulate and demonstrate an individual and evolving philosophy of teaching art education and professional readiness
  • Design curriculum, lesson plans, preparations, and assessment instruments

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