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CVPA at UMassD


Innovation, invention, and independence are the cornerstones of CVPA's Sculpture program. As you pursue your BFA in Art + Design: Sculpture, you'll be inspired to cultivate your visual voice.

The BFA is a professional degree with concentrated areas of specialization, so you will take more art courses than you would in a BA program. At UMass Dartmouth, you also have the advantages of a university education where you can diversify your studies and expand your career opportunities.

You will be exposed to the many possibilities of contemporary sculpture as you explore both theory and practice. You'll learn to think critically as you develop a practical skill set directed by your interests and goals. 

Sculpture students gain experience in a broad spectrum of 3D art-making approaches and genres through focused, disciplined studio practice.

Individualized instruction at every level will guide you through the almost limitless possibilities with materials, processes, and emerging genres available to three-dimensional artists today. Our goal is to create well-prepared, broadly informed artists who can fluently express their ideas three-dimensionally. 

You'll participate in numerous exhibitions of your work, culminating with the capstone BFA Exhibition in a professional museum or gallery setting.

The sculpture program prepares you for a career as a professional artist with opportunities in areas such as 3D design, fabrication, film and video industries, galleries, museums, theaters, and education, as well as for graduate study.

The BFA is a comprehensive, dynamic studio-based program that prepares students for productive, creative lives and careers in the visual arts.

Our progressive and forward-thinking curriculum combines a comprehensive technical foundation (welding, woodworking, mold-making, casting) with an emphasis on personal vision. You will explore material, process, technology, craft, and content as it applies to three-dimensional art-making as well as explore new genres and directions in the field.

For the BFA in Art + Design: Sculpture, you'll complete 78 credits in courses related to your major, and 120 credits overall.

Course descriptions, schedules and requirements

With a minor in sculpture & 3D studies, you will increase your technical proficiency and develop a personal voice. Emphasis is placed on the development of concepts and content, as well as personal interpretation.

For the minor, you'll complete 18 credits.

Student success

Lauren Roche '16 art
Lauren Roche '15

A passion for art & politics

Career placements

  • Amaral Fabricators
  • New Bedford Beautiful
  • Desco Industries Inc.
  • Entrepreneurship for All
  • Mid City Studios
  • National Geographic
  • The Trustees - Southeast Gardens
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Illinois
  • Whaling City Iron

Graduate schools

  • Cal Arts
  • Cranbrook
  • Maine College of Art
  • Maryland Institute College of Art
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • University of Georgia
  • Virginia Commonwealth University

College of Visual & Performing Arts undergraduate mean starting salary:

NACE Data Collection of Class of 2022 Undergraduate Alumni

UMassD advantages

  • Internships: enhance your studies while gaining first-hand experience
  • Studio facilities: our studios feature state-of-the-art equipment and ample work areas
  • Faculty-led visits to regional and metropolitan art venues
  • Campus Gallery: exhibit your work on campus

Expand your opportunities

Master of Fine Arts: Develop your personal voice and advance your technical skills with a master's degree. You can choose to specialize in drawing, painting, printmaking, or sculpture.

Master of Art Education: With an emphasis on how the arts are integrated into daily life, the MAE program leads to a single-level professional certification in Massachusetts as an art teacher in grades Pre K-8 or 5-12.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Arts: Designed for artists who have earned BFA or BA degrees, and would benefit immersion in an academic/studio environment. Applicants may wish to develop their artwork for application to graduate school, professional residency or to launch a professional career.

Sculpture faculty

Stacy in studio
Stacy Latt Savage
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