Bruce Maddocks

Full Time Lecturer

Art & Design




College of Visual & Performing Arts 302A





A disciplined approach to draftsmanship. This workshop course focuses on draftsmanship and painting in traditional media that are specific to the practice of illustration. The fundamental skills and materials of an illustrator are further developed with an emphasis on the human form, drapery, locomotion and space.

Narrative and characterization. This course specially emphasizes the essential skills of narrative and characterization as they pertain to illustration. Included as well is a review of research procedures and selected surveys from the history of illustration.

Special topics in contemporary Illustration. Topics may include Digital Illustration, 3D Materials and Illustration, and Character and Toy Development, among others. Course can be repeated with change of content.

Individual strengths and interests. In directed and independent explorations, this course fosters the development of students¿ individual strengths and interests. Contemporary voices within illustration are examined and a wider range of media applications are presented. Technical and conceptual skills are raised to a professional level and are used, alongside sketchbooks, to define a personal style.

Students develop their individual strengths and interests to bring technical and conceptual skills to a professional level and to define a personal style. This course also includes projects which will result in printed work, and frequent guest lectures.

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