Rachel Kulick, PhD

Associate Professor

Sociology / Anthropology

Curriculum Vitae




Liberal Arts 392D


2010Brandeis UniversityPhD in Sociology
2003Harvard Graduate School of EducationMEd in Education
1993Union CollegeBS in Psychology


  • Sustainability
  • Media Studies
  • Research Methods
  • Social Constructions of Whiteness





Introduction to discipline-specific forms of argumentation through the in-depth exploration of questions about the social and cultural world. Specific topics will vary from course to course, but all sections focus on the development of students' informational literacy, writing, and analytic skills relevant to sociological and anthropological inquiry. This course is required for Sociology/Anthropology majors and may be taken before or concurrently with SOC 200. It meets the University Studies Intermediate Writing Requirement.

Empirical observation as the basis for anthropological and sociological analysis. What we see and hear - and by extension, what we overlook or choose to ignore - guides our understanding of social life. Fundamental to anthropology and sociology is therefore the systematic design, collection and analysis of direct and indirect observations, which become data for developing new concepts and theories about the social world. The course covers both quantitative and qualitative approaches to research design and analysis with the ultimate goal of helping students become competent at conducting and critiquing social research.

An examination of ecological, equity, social, and cultural issues in urban environments. We will pay close attention to sustainable systems and how socioeconomic factors such as disenfranchisement, corporate power, and environmental policies inform these dilemmas. We will look at case studies from around the world to explore a range of topics including the challenges of climate related natural disasters; water disputes and crises; food deserts as well as just solutions such as spatial justice initiatives; carbon descent plans; urban gardens, and the list goes on. The course is an upper-level elective.


Research Activities

  • Community-based approaches to food justice
  • Community-based resilience and innovation in response to climate change
  • Gender-based approaches to climate change and environmental injustices


Research Interests

  • Climate Change
  • Food Systems
  • Social Movements
  • Participatory Action Research

Select publications

Rachel Kulick (2019).
More time in the kitchen, less time on the streets: the micropolitics of cultivating an ethic of care in alternative food networks
Local Environment: An International Journal of Justice and Sustainability, 24, 37-51.

Rachel Kulick (2014).
What do you see that I cannot? Peer Facilitations of Difference and Conflict in the Collective Production of Independent Youth Media
Interface: A Journal for and about Social Movements, 6, 301-327.

Rachel Kulick (2014).
Making Media for Themselves: Strategic Dilemmas of Prefigurative Work in Independent Media Outlets
Social Movement Studies, 13

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