Vanessa Lovelace

Vanessa Lovelace, PhD she/her

Assistant Professor

Crime & Justice Studies



Liberal Arts 399D


2017University of ConnecticutPhD Political Science (Feminist Studies)
2011University of ConnecticutMA Political Science
2008University of California-Santa CruzBA Legal Studies


  • Crime and Justice Studies
  • Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Black Studies
  • Political Theory
  • Law and Society




Online and Continuing Education Courses

A study of sociological theorists. Designed to teach the theoretical foundations necessary for the critical study of crime and justice, the course will cover a range of theories focusing on those that assist in a critique of problems of power in matters of crime and justice.

The culminating seminar course for the Black Studies Minor. Students propose, develop and present a scholarly or academically informed creative final project involving one of the Black communities of the region; reflective of their studies in one or more of the social, political, aesthetic, and economic experiences of Black people. Use of academic research, critical reading, and writing skills are required.
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Selected topics of contemporary relevance in the field of Crime and Justice studies. Active discussions, mini-lectures, filed simulations, student presentations, role-playing, guest speakers, and field observations may be utilized. A significant research paper will be required.
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Consideration of the problems surrounding the legal definition and handling of youth who confront the law as offenders, clients and victims. Attention is given to the development and behaviors of the child/adolescent population and to the most significant directions of legal and social change affecting youth in our society.


Research interests

  • Black Geographies
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Postcolonial and Transnational Black Feminism
  • Transnational Justice

Select publications

  • Lovelace, Vanessa Lynn (2021).
    The Rememory and Re-membering of Nat Turner: Black Feminist Hauntology in the Geography of Southampton County, VA
    Southeastern Geographer, 61, 130-145.
  • Lovelace, Vanessa Lynn and Heather M. Turcotte (2020).
    Immobolizing Bodies of Surveillance: Anti-Oppressive Feminisms and the Decolonization of Violence
    Gendering Globalization, Globalizing Gender: Postcolonial Perspectives, 196-209.
  • Vanessa Lovelace (2014).
    On Ferguson's Protest and Its Occupation
    The Feminist Wire
  • Vanessa Lovelace and Jamie Huff (2011).
    Ghost Stories in the Soil: Notes on Place and Research
    International Feminist Journal of Politics, 14(1), 154-162.
  • Vanessa Lovelace (2011).
    Book Review: Male Trouble: Masculinity and the Performance of Crisis
    International Feminist Journal of Politics, 13(3), 475-477.

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