Mwalim Peters

Associate Professor

English & Communication



Liberal Arts 320


1991Boston UniversityB.A
1993Boston UniversityMS
2006Goddard CollegeMFA


  • Oral Traditions & Spoken-word
  • Playwriting
  • Digital Media Production (Audio and Video)
  • Fiction Writing
  • Folklore of First Nations (Native American) and the African Diaspora





A study of selected readings dealing with a special topic chosen by the instructor. Recent special topics include New England Literature, Children's Literature, the Artist in Literature, Black Music, and Black Literature. May be repeated with change of content. Cross-listed as BLS 200; LST 200.

The study of contemporary techniques in the writing of poetry. Manuscripts are read and discussed in class and during individual conferences. Workshop format.

A study of the fundamental principles of dramaturgy. Manuscripts are read and discussed in class and during individual conferences. Workshop format.

Introduces aspiring filmmakers to the basic process and techniques of filmmaking with digital video cameras, including filming, writing, directing, editing, and production managing film production projects. Students work towards producing digital video content and a production book documenting their efforts in the planning and implementation of their project.

A comprehensive experience in the art and craft of dramatic writing. Students will engage in creating and developing an original one-act play, with an emphasis on scene and character development. Students will work toward preparing a public reading of the play.


Research Activities

  • Songwriting and Performance
  • Sound Recording Production
  • Playwriting & Theater Production
  • Grant Writing
  • Arts & Civic Engagement


Research Interests

  • Songwriting traditions of storytellers
  • Spoken-word Performance (storytelling, poetry, oral history)
  • Film/ Video Production
  • Sound Design and Audio Production
  • Theater Arts Production (Playwriting, Directing, Acting, Stage Craft, Dramaturgy)

Select publications

  • Morgan James Peters (2017).
    Ask Yo' Mama
  • Morgan James Peters (2016).
    Among Brothers (Stage Play)
  • Morgan James Peters (2014).
    Awakened By A Noon Day Sun (Sound Recording)

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