The STEM Education PhD program at UMass Dartmouth helps address the national shortage of essential STEM educators and the need for better STEM education teaching practices. Doctoral students gain in-depth knowledge, robust interdisciplinary research skills, and a variety of practical experiences. The STEM Education PhD is currently offering a Mathematics Education concentration and a Science Education concentration.

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In this doctoral program, you will develop the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • reconstruct, appropriate, and develop mathematical and scientific knowledge
  • explore approaches that emerge from the study of the research literature
  • write original research that represents your own contribution to knowledge
  • use critical-thinking skills to deal with transformation of knowledge
  • formulate and design solutions to complex educational problems


Your research projects involve real-world situations ranging from local schools to higher education departments and other formal and informal learning settings. Your advisors will work with you as you conduct, publish, and present your own research throughout the program.

Doctoral students can explore questions about:

  • how to improve STEM education at the K-12 level
  • how to promote better learning in STEM fields
  • how to engage more K-20 students in STEM-related fields
  • how to prepare teachers to better teach STEM content
  • how to develop materials to support teaching and learning in STEM fields

The Kaput Center

UMass Dartmouth has a long-standing tradition of leadership in STEM with its nationally renowned Kaput Center for Research and Innovation in STEM Education. The Kaput Center fosters a spirit of innovation among the faculty, graduate students and educational and scientific institutions, industry, and federal agencies. All benefit from the expertise of UMassD faculty and graduates and their research.

travis standing outside with blue skies
Travis Weiland, PhD '17

Accepts tenure-track position at Appalachia State University


Stephen Witzig

Associate Professor
STEM Education & Teacher Development
Liberal Arts 398E