Sheila Macrine, PhD

Professor / Chairperson

STEM Education & Teacher Development

Curriculum Vitae


Liberal Arts 398A


1994Temple UniversityPhD
1989Temple UniversityM.Ed
1975University of MassachusettsBS


  • Psychology
  • Special Education
  • Teacher Education


Research interests

  • Embodied Cognition
  • Cognitive Development
  • Alternative Assessment with CLD students
  • Learning Sciences


Research Activities

  • Embodied Cognition in the Classroom and Teaching Research Skills
  • Dynamic Assessment
  • Learning Sciences

Select publications

Macrine, Sheila; Fugate, Jennifer Marie Binzak. “Embodied cognition.” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. Ed. Li-fang Zhang. New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming. doi:10.1093/acrefore/9780190264093.013.ORE_EDU-00885.R2

Fugate, J. M., Macrine, S. L., & Cipriano, C. (2018). The role of embodied cognition for transforming learning. International Journal of School & Educational Psychology, 1-15.

Macrine, S. (2017). Review Essay, Inside Our Schools: Teachers on the Failure and Future of Education Reform. Teachers College Record.

Sheila Landers Macrine, PhD, is a Professor and a Cognitive Psychologist in the Department of STEM Education and Teacher Development at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she coordinates the Special Education Program. Her research interests focus on embodied cognition, cognitive development, alternative assessment and the learning sciences. Her work has challenged traditional approaches to learning and assessment, including developing alternative IQ testing, assessing students from culturally diverse backgrounds, students with intellectual disabilities, second language, students with social emotional concerns, and students with low-vision and blindness. She recently published papers on Embodied Cognition in the International Journal of School and Educational Psychology, and in the Oxford Research Encyclopedias-Education at Oxford University Press. She is a critical feminist who has published numerous articles and books, as well as, the recipient of many grants. She is also a licensed and certified School Psychologist and a Reading Specialist.

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