Shakhnoza Kayumova

Assistant Professor

STEM Education & Teacher Development



Liberal Arts 396G





Qualitative research methods applied to STEM education research. Students will learn about qualitative research design, including techniques for collecting and analyzing qualitative data, and ethical considerations for conducting research with human subjects. Students will develop a researchable topic in STEM education, select and implement an appropriate qualitative research design, and analyze and interpret qualitative data. Results of the project will be written in a final report using APA format and will be presented rally.


Research Interests

  • Exploration of the conditions of possibility for the inclusion of culturally, economically and linguistically diverse students in science education and literacy engagement

Dr. Kayumova holds a PhD in Educational Theory and Practice from University of Georgia. She joined STEM Education and Teacher Development Department in Fall, 2014, and has taught a wide range of courses including Introduction to Qualitative Methods, Introduction to Quantitative Methods, Research Skills II, Emerging Theories and Methods in STEM Education. Dr. Kayumova is a four-lingual researcher, teacher educator, and learning scientist. Her research closely examines the ways in which STEM education could be a context for empowerment and positive science identity development of linguistically and ethnically/racially diverse learners, and thereby increasing the representation of people of color in STEM fields. Dr. Kayumova published and presented in more than 60 peer reviewed journals and conferences and has been awarded multiple research grants from National Science Foundation. Dr. Kayumova is a recent recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Early Career award. Shakhnoza’s work appears in journals such as Anthropology & Education Quarterly, Educational Philosophy and Theory, Democracy and Education, and Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JARST).

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