Beste Gucler

Associate Professor

STEM Education & Teacher Development



Liberal Arts 396C





Contemporary Theories of Learning Psychologies. The course helps students understand ways of knowing and how this drives research and applies to research in STEM education Particular attention will be given to enabling students to situate their research in relevant theoretical frameworks and understand the implications of theoretical frameworks on research design.

Theoretical frameworks for STEM education research. Students will focus on the development of a specific set of research tools relevant to the study of reasoning in STEM fields in a variety of contexts, including the analysis of discourse, gesture. flow of interaction, and learning outcomes such as pre¿¿and post-tests of content. Attention will be spent connecting research methods to theoretical frameworks and practical outcomes of analysis. Students will be expected to produce a specific analysis of some classroom data.

An internship conducted at a local research institution, the Kaput Center or at an institution out of state or internationally. Students will be mentored by an adjunct research associate at the host institute to develop their research skills in the field including data collection and analysis, and enhancing their awareness of the complexities of educational research.

Dr. Gucler holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education with a cognate in Teacher Education from Michigan State University. She joined UMass Dartmouth in 2010 and taught a variety of courses including Calculus for Teachers, Frameworks for Research Analysis, Theories of STEM Learning, Research on Proof and Reasoning, and Thinking and Learning in Mathematics/Science. in K-12 and undergraduate mathematics classrooms. Her general research interests include enhancing mathematical communication in classrooms, conceptual and historical development of mathematical concepts; the teaching and learning of calculus; and the use of technology in mathematics classrooms. She has presented her work in various national and international conferences. She has served as an Interim Academic Director and continues to serve as an Executive Board Member at the Kaput Center for Research and Innovation. She is also a member of the Committee on Assessment in the Mathematical Association of America.

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