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Earn your Master of Arts in Psychology with an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) focus in just 6 semesters. The UMass Dartmouth ABA program prepares graduates to fill a critical need for Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA).

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Fall, Year 1

  • PSY534—Philosophical Underpinnings of ABA
  • PSY504—Topics in Child Development

Spring, Year 1

  • PSY526—Measurement and Design in ABA
  • PSY509—Concepts and Principles of ABA

Fall, Year 2

  • PSY531—Behavioral Assessment
  • PSY525—Implementing Behavior Analysis in Educational Settings

Spring, Year 2

  • PSY532—Behavioral Interventions
  • PSY518—Cognitive Neuroscience

Fall, Year 3

  • PSY529—Ethics and Professionalism in ABA
  • PSY527—Clinical Applications in ABA

Spring, Year 3

  • PSY533—Supervision and Management
  • PSY586—ABA Seminar

ABA Program

  • This master’s program prepares students to meet the academic requirements necessary to sit for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) examination. View BCBA pass rates.

  • This part-time, 36-credit program is designed be completed in three years. Students can have some flexibility as long as they complete it on a timely basis. UMass Dartmouth also offers an Applied Behavior Analyst Graduate Certificate for professionals who have earned a master’s degree in education or psychology. This is a two year, 24-credit program that provides the academic requirements necessary to sit for the BCBA exam.

ABA Program Advantages

  • Earn your MA in psychology and learn from faculty who have specific training in behavior analysis and psychology. This coursework sequence has been verified to meet the academic requirements for eligibility to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst Examination.
  • Receive comprehensive ABA training that complements the theoretical framework of psychology.
  • As a state university UMass Dartmouth’s tuition and fees are more manageable.
  • Conveniently located in the SouthCoast of Massachusetts where there is a strong, local demand for BCBAs.
  • The UMassD program is structured so that individuals can do their experience hours as part of their job, provided they can be supervised by a certified BCBA.

Career Opportunities

  • work with a variety of populations including autistic children and adults, typically developing children, adults with intellectual disabilities, and seniors with dementia
  • practice in various settings including clinics, hospitals, residential treatment centers, public schools and community agencies

Learning Style: On campus

Blended – Many of the ABA courses combine online and face-to-face classes in each course.


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Full Time Lecturer
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