Devon Lynch

Devon Lynch

Associate Professor





Liberal Arts 383




Online and Continuing Education Courses

Decision-making by state and local governments about what services to provide and how to finance them. Examines the expenditure and revenue decisions of state and local governments, the structures and institutions of sub-national governments, and public sector responses to market failures.

Survey of the American economy focusing on markets, the price system, and resource allocation. Price determination in competitive and imperfectly-competitive markets. Applications in agricultural economics, legal prices, excise taxes, labor market issues, advertising, technological change, pollution and the environment, public goods, antitrust policy, international trade, and alternative economic systems.

Development of microeconomic theory, applications, and price policy. Covers the theory of price determination, resource allocation, and welfare economics, with particular emphasis to public policy issues. Perfectly competitive markets and models of imperfect competition are covered. Theory is integrated with public policy questions.

Principles and practice of cost-benefit analysis. Students will learn how to develop and apply cost-benefit techniques to evaluate public policies and specific projects. Topics include accounting for incomplete markets, long-term discounting, analysis in the presence of uncertainty and distributional concerns.

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