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Maureen Eckert, PhD

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Liberal Arts 382


CUNY Graduate CenterPhD





A critical examination of normative theories of obligation and value. It includes philosophical examination of some moral problems including but not limited to: abortion, euthanasia, death penalty, gender and sexual orientation equality, pornography and censorship, violence, and economic injustice. Numerous ethical theories will be discussed, including but not limited to: Cultural Relativism, Ethical Subjectivism, Ethical Egoism, Divine Command Theory, Utilitarianism, Rights Theories, Kantianism, Social Contract Theory, and Feminist Ethics.

Examination of Plato's dialogues, exploring important ethical, epistemological, metaphysical and social views articulated within them, such as the unity of the virtues, weakness of the will, the theory of the Forms, the theory of recollection, the just individual and the just state, platonic love, to name a few. Important dialogues will be covered and critically examined. Questions concerning the dramatic and literary qualities of Plato's philosophical work may also be addressed.


Research Interests

  • Ancient Philosophy, Philosophical Logic
  • Plato
  • Fatalism
  • Metaphysics
  • David Foster Wallace Studies

Select publications

Prof. Eckert is faculty advisor in the STAR Center and the Philosophy Association the Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society in Philosophy.  She is also a member of the Deviant Logic Posse (Non-Classical Logic work-group).

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