Margarita Huayhua

Assistant Professor

Sociology / Anthropology



Liberal Arts 393B


1999 Universidad de San Antonio Abad de Cusco BA in Education
1995 Facultad Latinoaméricana de Ciencias Sociales MA in Anthropology
2010 The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI PhD in Anthropolgy


  • Socio-cultural Anthropology
  • Language as used in everyday life
  • Language, race, ethnic and gender hierarchies
  • Ethnography in the Andes and topics in Latin America
  • Indigenous people movements and oral history

Research interests

  • Social hierarchies among women
  • Everyday interactions and the reproduction of social hierarchies
  • Language and power
  • Native Andeans & the image of "the Indian" in the southern Andes.
  • Native Andeans & Ontologies

Select publications

Margarita Huayhua (2016).
Social Subordination and Language
The Routledge Handbook of Linguistic Anthropology edited by Nancy Bonvillain, 109-124.

Margarita Huayhua (2014).
Racism and Social Interaction in a Southern Peruvian combi
Ethnic and Racial Studies 3, 37(13), 2399-2417.

Margarita Huayhua (2013).
Everyday Discrimination in the Southern Andes
Para Quê Serve O Conhocimento se eu Não Posso Dividi-Lo? Ed. by Birgit Krekeler, Eva König, Stefan Neumann, and Hans-Dieter Ölschleger, 49-58.

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