Tryon Woods


, PhD


Crime & Justice Studies



2007University of California, IrvinePhD
2000Arizona State UniversityMS
1995Wesleyan UniversityBA


  • Crime & Justice Studies
  • Black Studies
  • Women & Gender Studies
  • Law




Research interests

  • Black Studies

Select publications

  • Tryon P. Woods (2022).
    Pandemic Police Power, Public Health, and the Abolition Question

  • Tryon P. Woods (2019).
    Blackhood Against the Police Power: Punishment and Disavowal in the "Post-Racial" Era
    Michigan State University Press
  • Tryon P. Woods (2019).
    Marronage, Here and There: Liberia, Enslavement's Conversion, and the Settlers-Not
    International Labor and Working Class History, no. 96, 1-22.
  • Tryon P. Woods (2018).
    The Implicit Bias of Implicit Bias Theory
    Drexel Law Review, 10, 631-672.

Dr. Woods teaches Black Studies and critical approaches to de-disciplining knowledge. He has taught at Providence College, Brown University, Rhode Island College, Sonoma State University, and Long Beach State University. He has also taught at San Quentin State Prison in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked with community organizations in Oakland, Seattle, and New York City on police accountability, supportive housing for drug users, youth peer education, and HIV/AIDS prevention.

In addition to publishing articles across the humanities, social sciences, and law, Dr. Woods' books include On Marronage: Ethical Confrontations with Antiblackness (Africa World Press 2015), Conceptual Aphasia in Black: Displacing Racial Formation Theory (Lexington 2016), Blackhood Against the Police Power: Punishment and Disavowal in the “Post-Racial” Era (Michigan State University Press 2019), Ex Aqua in the Mediterranean: Excavating Black Power in the Migrant Question (Manchester University Press forthcoming), and Blackhood At-Large: The Cinema of Social Death (forthcoming).

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