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Combined BA/MA Degree

This fast-track program enables qualified BA degree students in psychology to complete both the BA and the MA in Psychology, General Option, in 5 rather than 6 years.


Students may apply to the combined program as entering freshmen or as undergraduates during their sophomore or junior years. Successful candidates will have an overall GPA of at least 3.25, a grade of B or better in both PSY 205 and a content-based research methods course, at least one recommendation from a research psychologist, and a well-written personal essay that reveals their potential for a research career. Application should be made to the Graduate Program Director for the Research MA Psychology Program (Dr. Brian Ayotte), who will make a recommendation to the department chairperson.


To apply, please complete the Combined BA/MA Application Form

Tuition and Fees

Students pay tuition and fee rates as published by the university. Students selecting the BA-MA option will pay undergraduate rates until they reach the level of completion of the baccalaureate degree.

Progression to MA Study

Students will take four graduate courses as senior year electives that will also apply toward the MA degree (12 credits). The department will provide a specific list of courses and how they fit within a recommended sequence. During the senior year, the student will file a Research Psychology MA application in the Office of Graduate Studies. The application will be accepted without GRE scores and without additional recommendation letters, and the personal essay referenced above will serve as the admissions Personal Statement.

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