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Undergraduate Program

The focus of psychology is the scientific study of behavior. Psychology is studied as a science with the implication that there is a commitment to rational thinking and empirical analysis of the problems encountered in describing and explaining human behavior. Our integrated 4-part curriculum provides students with a broad introduction to the field, emphasizing the understanding and design of research. A wide range of subfields of psychology are offered through courses that emphasize our biological heritage (e.g., physiological psychology, perception) to those that examine basic human functioning (e.g., cognition, learning, personality, social) and those that have a distinct applied orientation (e.g., counseling, behavior modification, organizational, and community psychology). 

Major in Psychology
Students who major in psychology find primary employment opportunities in personnel management, elementary and secondary high school education, social work, software and other product development.

Registering for Classes and Advising in the Major
Information on registering for Psychology classes.

GPA Requirements

Combined BA/MA Degree
This fast-track program enables qualified BA degree students in psychology to complete both the BA and the MA in Psychology, General Option, in 5 rather than 6 years (4 years for the BA and 2 for the MA).

Research Opportunities
Information on honors research, independent studies and volunteering.

Counseling Sequence
A set of courses for students interested in careers in counseling.