Brian Ayotte

Associate Professor




Liberal Arts 347


2010West Virginia UniversityPhD


  • Health Psychology
  • Methods
  • Statistics
  • Developmental Psychology





Preparation for Honors thesis or project. Students should take this seminar no later than the semester BEFORE they plan to begin work on the project. The course explores topics such as creative and critical thinking, project and time management, research ethics, and public presentation. By the end of the semester, students will identify their project supervisor and submit their initial project proposal.

A broad survey of principles underlying the systematic study of behavior. Using examples from basic research and applied settings, a variety of perspectives are explored, including findings associated with the physiological, behavioral, cognitive, developmental and social approaches.

An introduction to analysis of quantitative data in psychology, including probability, descriptive statistics, correlation and regression, analysis of variance and data analysis by computer.


Research Interests

  • Health behaviors
  • Social support
  • Relationships
  • Health attitudes

Dr. Ayotte is interested in the role of individual and interpersonal factors on health-related attitudes, behaviors, and outcomes through the lifespan. His work includes the examination of health behaviors in married couples, health-related outcomes in healthcare employees, independent living skills in younger and older adults, health-related decision making, and other related work. In his life outside of work, he loves to swim, bike, run, and hike with his wife and dog.

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