Melanie DuBard


Melanie DuBard, PhD she/her

Assistant Teaching Professor




Liberal Arts 396J


2004University of Southern MississippiPhD





Introduction to applied behavioral analysis (ABA). Topics include basic principles of learning, ABA research methods and techniques, and application of ABA across a wide range of populations, settings, and behaviors.


Online and Continuing Education Courses

Study of the roles and characteristics of consultants in the promotion of effective service delivery. This course will expose students to a variety of consultation models, focus on the role of the consultant and consultee, highlight the importance of interpersonal skills in consultation and practice, and discuss the importance of understanding diversity in the context of the consultation relationship.

Examination of the components necessary to successfully supervise behavior analysts in training. The Behavior Analysts Certification Board has identified the supervision of others as a critical skill for behavior analysts. New Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) are often responsible for providing trainees supervision. This course will provide students the knowledge and skills necessary to supervise trainees.

Systematic investigation and evaluation of behavioral interventions to address applied behavioral excesses or deficits. The course is designed to assess students' ability to concisely identify a behavioral problem, identify the strengths and weaknesses of published interventions, identify of the best practice based upon available research, and to clearly present their work in a professionally written paper.