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Liberal Arts 366


1998Yale UniversityPh.D. in Social Psychology and Individual Differen
1995Yale UniversityM.Phil in Social Psychology and Individual Differe
1994Yale UniversityM.S. in Social Psychology and Individual Differenc


  • Social Psychology
  • Graduate Seminar in Close Relationships
  • Positive Psychology
  • Research Methods in Social Psychology
  • Culture and Psychology





Student develops and executes an independent research thesis under the direction of a faculty advisor. Graded A-F.


Online and Continuing Education Courses

Survey of the major topics and theories studied by social psychologists. Students will be introduced to ways in which social psychologists conduct research in the field. One of the major objectives of this course is to stimulate students to think about how social psychological research may provide answers to some of our everyday problems. Students will be required to read and critique original research studies. Some of the topics include research methods in social psychology, the self in a social world, social beliefs, behaviors and attitudes, genes, culture, and gender, conformity, persuasion, group influence, prejudice, aggression, attraction, altruism, conflict and peace making.
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Research Activities

  • Forgiveness in Friendship Project in collaboration with Dr. Susan Boon from University of Calgary, Canada
  • Project Coping Flexibility, Resilience, and Satisfaction in Marriage with UMASSD graduate student Kara Kneeland
  • Project on arranged and love marriages in India and USA with Dr. Susan Boon


Research Interests

  • Transgression and Forgiveness in Friendship and Romantic Relationship
  • Interethnic Dating/Marriage
  • Resilience and Satisfaction in Close Relationships
  • Competition in Friendships

Select publications

  • Hojjat, M. & Moyer, A. (Eds.) (2017).
    The Psychology of Friendship; Oxford University Press, New York: NY
  • Bradley, J. & Hojjat, M. (2016).
    A model of resilience and marital satisfaction
    The Journal of Social Psychology, 1-14.
  • Lozano, E., Hojjat, M., & Sims-Knight, J. (2016).
    Do Ego-Resilience and Positive Emotions Impact Friendship Outcomes?
    Journal of Individual Differences, 37(2), 128-134.
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