Mahzad Hojjat

Mahzad Hojjat

Professor / Chairperson




Liberal Arts 362


1998Yale UniversityPh.D. in Social Psychology and Individual Differen
1995Yale UniversityM.Phil in Social Psychology and Individual Differe
1994Yale UniversityM.S. in Social Psychology and Individual Differenc


  • Social Psychology
  • Graduate Seminar in Close Relationships
  • Positive Psychology
  • Research Methods in Social Psychology
  • Culture and Psychology




Online and Continuing Education Courses

The study of experimental findings, theoretical and methodological issues in understanding the individual in a social context.
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Research activities

  • Forgiveness in Friendship Project in collaboration with Dr. Susan Boon from University of Calgary, Canada
  • Project Coping Flexibility, Resilience, and Satisfaction in Marriage with UMASSD graduate student Kara Kneeland
  • Project on arranged and love marriages in India and USA with Dr. Susan Boon


Research interests

  • Transgression and Forgiveness in Friendship and Romantic Relationship
  • Interethnic Dating/Marriage
  • Resilience and Satisfaction in Close Relationships
  • Competition in Friendships

Select publications

  • Hojjat, M. & Moyer, A. (Eds.) (2017).
    The Psychology of Friendship; Oxford University Press, New York: NY
  • Bradley, J. & Hojjat, M. (2016).
    A model of resilience and marital satisfaction
    The Journal of Social Psychology, 1-14.
  • Lozano, E., Hojjat, M., & Sims-Knight, J. (2016).
    Do Ego-Resilience and Positive Emotions Impact Friendship Outcomes?
    Journal of Individual Differences, 37(2), 128-134.

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