Andrew Revell

Associate Professor





Liberal Arts 367


1996Truman State UniversityB.S. in Psychology
1998Southern IL University at EdwardsvilleM.S. in Clinical-Adult Psychology
2004The Pennsylvania State UniversityPh.D in Human Development and Family Studies


  • Psychology of Adulthood & Aging
  • Research Methods
  • Graduate Statistics
  • Cognitive Health and Changes with Age




Research Interests

  • Cognitive aging
  • Neuropsychology
  • Remediation of cognitive decline and potential gene-environment interactions
  • Measurement of normal versus pathological changes with age and mental health
  • Developmental characteristics in parenting and healthy development

Select publications

Hayden Kate, Reed Bruce, Chelune Gordon, Manly Jennifer, Tommet Doug, Pietrzak Robert, Yang Francis, Revell Andrew, Bennett David, Jones Rich (2011).
Cognitive Decline in the Elderly: An Analysis of Population Heterogeneity.
Age and Ageing, 40(6), 684-689.

Revell Andrew J., Caskie Grace I. L., Willis Sherry L., Schaie K. Warner (2009).
Factor structure and invariance of the Quality of Life in Alzheimers disease (QoL-AD) Scale.
Experimental Aging Research, 35, 250-267.

Schooler Carmi, Revell Andrew J., Timpano Kiara R., Wheaton Michael, Murphy Dennis L. (2008).
Predicting genetic loading from symptom patterns in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A latent variable.
Depression & Anxiety, 25, 680-688.

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