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An overview of psychopathy as both a construct and ¿condition.¿ This course will examine the clinical and empirical literature on psychopathy. Students will analyze several real cases and give oral presentations.

Integrates research design, data analysis, data interpretation, and APA format report writing across the two dominant paradigms in contemporary psychology. The course includes the use of the SPSS statistical software for univariate parametric and some non-parametric models. The course contains a strong experiential component to prepare students for thesis writing.

Traditional components of psychological testing, including test construction, test development, test administration and test interpretation, and specific training in frequently administered clinical tests (e.g., MMPI, WAIS and WISC). Beyond traditional test theory, students will be exposed to contemporary evaluation devices including behavioral assessment, interview data, and naturalistic observation.

Theoretical and functional considerations for the design and implementation of effective behavior programming. Through readings and analysis of case studies, students gain familiarity with the theoretical and applied principles of behavior modification and therapy.

Graduate seminar offered for one semester on a specific topic. Topics vary according to student needs and faculty expertise in particular areas of study. This course may be repeated with change of content.

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