Raina Lamade, PhD

Assistant Professor


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Liberal Arts 366





Engaging actively in the research process. Students will get a chance to ear more advanced hands-on experience in the research process. Students interested in pursuing an independent study or honors thesis project would take this course as an intermediary step to developing their own research ideas. Supervised one-on-one with faculty.

Students independently pursue an individual research project, under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

Traditional components of psychological testing, including test construction, test development, test administration and test interpretation, and specific training in frequently administered clinical tests (e.g., MMPI, WAIS and WISC). Beyond traditional test theory, students will be exposed to contemporary evaluation devices including behavioral assessment, interview data, and naturalistic observation.

Theoretical and functional considerations for the design and implementation of effective behavior programming. Through readings and analysis of case studies, students gain familiarity with the theoretical and applied principles of behavior modification and therapy.

Student develops and executes an independent research thesis under the direction of a faculty advisor. Graded A-F.